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Shelley Walter's Decorating Den Interiors provides high-quality interior design services to residential and commercial clients in Windermere, Orlando, Winter Garden and nearby areas. Principal Interior Designer Shelley provides a range of services tailored to your unique personality, style, and lifestyle needs. Whether furnishing a new home, updating an existing space, or refining your design concept, Shelley's experienced team is dedicated to making your dreams a reality!

Contact us today at (407)-988-7421 to schedule your in-home design consultation!

Collaborating with an interior designer from Shelley provides you access to a wide array of samples, saving you valuable time. The brands we offer represent the pinnacle of design and manufacturing excellence. Explore a world of possibilities with our diverse product line, including custom window treatments, high-quality furniture, wallpaper, custom bedding and pillows, accessories, and lighting.

We will stand by you from the initial idea stage all the way through delivery and installation, ensuring a final product that you'll love living in!

Meet Shelley Walter - Owner & Principal Designer

Discover the unparalleled talent of Shelley Walter, a gifted interior decorator with an extraordinary ability to turn clients’ dreams into reality. Based in the picturesque Windermere, Florida area, Shelley brings a fresh and distinctive perspective to the world of interior design. Shelley Walter is more than an interior decorator and designer; she is a trusted collaborator who listens intently, guiding her clients through the creative journey to achieve their vision. With her innate ability to balance functionality, style, and personal expression, Shelley transforms houses into cherished homes, where every corner tells a story.



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